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2023 P&D Champions Cup

The P&D Champions Cup is an annual competition between the top four finishers of the P&D (North) and P&D (Southern Gentlemen) divisions. It is one of the most prestigious intraclub competitions in the universe.

2023 Champions Cup Competition

P&D (North) - Lee Zarzecki, Phil Law, Jeff Whitney and Ben Lawrence

P&D (Southern Gentlemen) - Adam Naylor, Greg Smith, Darren LaFemina and Nick Losier

2022 Champions Cup Champions

Past Results
2022 - North (Daniel Kaufman, Ben Lawrence, Ryan Smith and Phil Law)
2021 - North (Phil Law, Matt Samelson, Jeff Van der Veer and Lee Zarzecki)

2020 - North (Josh Griffler, Phil Law, Ryan Smith and Lee Zarzecki)

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